Email Marketing Automation Specialist 
Duration: 10 Hours, Fees: INR 7,000

You’ll learn how to use proven tactics to get MORE opens and MORE clicks from any email campaigns that you send to your subscribers and how to list effective email marketing subscriber lists.

Module 1: Introduction of Email Marketing Automation

  • Lesson 1: The Role of Email Marketing Automation
  • Lesson 2: THREE Different “Types” of Emails
  • Lesson 3: The TWO Send Types
  • Lesson 4: Email Marketing & List Building

Module 2: Creating Your Marketing Calendar

  • Lesson 1: The Role of Your Marketing Calendar
  • Lesson 2: Gathering Promotional Assets
  • Lesson 3: Creating Your 30 Day Calendar
  • Lesson 4: Creating Your 90 Day Calendar

Module 3: Email Campaign Creation

  • Lesson 1: Email Campaigns Explained
  • Lesson 2: Storyboarding Your Indoctrination Campaign
  • Lesson 3: Storyboarding Your Engagement Campaign
  • Lesson 4: Storyboarding Your Ascension Campaign
  • Lesson 5: Storyboarding Your Consumption Campaign
  • Lesson 6: Crafting a Upsell Campaign
  • Lesson 7: Storyboarding Your Segmentation Campaign
  • Lesson 8: CASE STUDY: Best Buy
  • Lesson 9: Storyboarding Your Re-Engagement Campaign

Module 4: Email Copywriting & Design

  • Lesson 1: Harvesting Proven Sales Copy
  • Lesson 2: The FOUR Reasons People Buy
  • Lesson 3: Points of Belief
  • Lesson 4: Crafting Your Subject Lines
  • Lesson 5: Crafting Your Body Copy
  • Lesson 6: Queuing the Click

Module 5: Optimizing Opens & Clicks

  • Lesson 1: Getting More Opens
  • Lesson 2: Getting More Clicks

Module 6: Tracking & Measuring Results

  • Lesson 1: Benchmarking Your Results
  • Lesson 2: What to Track & When To Track it!
  • Lesson 3: DEMO: Email Stats Tracking Sheet

Sayed N.

Digital Marketing Trainer

A renowned Digital Growth Strategist, Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Digital Marketing coach with over 10 years of progressive experience.

I have got hands-on experience in working with all size of businesses worldwide and delivering them proven results in Digital Marketing. I have taught over 2,500 students worldwide using our on-cloud Digital Marketing learning platform.

What’s included?

You will receive access to:

  • All the modules of Email Marketing Automation Specialist Certified program
  • LIVE projects and case studies
  • LIVE Q&A
  • Career Support on our learning management system
  • A badge designating you as a Certified Email Marketing Automation Specialist that can be hosted on your website, email signature and LinkedIn profile
  • A digital, printable certificate suitable for framing
  • Status and recognition as a Certified Email Marketing Automation Specialist

Who should get certified?

  • Business Owners/CEO
  • Director/VP of Marketing
  • Advertising and Marketing Professionals
  • Startups Entrepreneurs
  • Agency Owners
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media) Professionals
  • Web Strategists
  • Product Managers
  • Business Schools Faculty
  • Students & Business Aspirants